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Vocal Foundation (Length: 10 Weeks/Access: 1 Year)

  • 52Weeks
  • 31Steps


Build a strong Foundation for a Voice that lasts a Lifetime! Learn how to strengthen your singing muscles in ways that guarantee you optimal flexibility, power and endurance for your voice in a sustainable, healthy way. Never Again will you: - struggle to reach or sustain a note - feel constricted in your throat - get soar or hoarse - run out of breath - feel that your voice isn't big enough to fill the room In this course you learn: - all basics of applied vocal anatomy that you need to stay healthy vocally throughout life - how to train your voice, so that you can simply open your mouth without having to think about technique - sustain notes as long as you please (within the physical margins of brain-oxygenation) - expand your vocal range and volume (how to produce heights and sounds easily that were previously unreachable) - how NOT to sound nasal when singing or speaking - what to do to sustain a professional career and staying vocally healthy throughout it - be patient and loving with yourself to grow optimally and attain your goals Get more detailed information about the course in the Free Tour: The Terms & Conditions for my Web Site apply. (See Footer)

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Vocal Foundation


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