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Vocal Foundation - Free Tour

Below are the Videos of the Free Tour for my Vocal Foundation Course.

They should clear up all specific questions you might have about the course. If there are still things unanswered after watching all videos all the way through, please check out the FAQs.

And if that is still not enough info, please don't hesitate to drop me an email in the Contact section.

Voba teaching a student voice, as a hover button to go ahead and book the vocal foundation course.


Image of Voba teaching a voice-student, configured as a button to go to the booking page for the vocal foundation course.



The current version of the Vocal Foundation Course is going to be discontinued this month. I have realized that my students need a more intense 1:1 experience to have the greatest successes and so I will combine the course with a set of 1:1 sessions. The new course will be out by mid-May 2024.
Stay tuned, it's gonna be a blast!

Join the Course!

Click the Button below to Join the Vocal Foundation Course.

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