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Voba  Vocal Show

Find Your Path to Vocal Freedom

Come and join me live on  Zoom to ask your questions, learn more about Anatomical Vocal Training and get the chance to  be put in a hot seat, so that I can tell you what I think might be good  next steps for  you to take to get  closer to your personal vocal goal.  Sign up to reserve your slot in the upcoming Voba Vocal Show below.

Time Zone
June 10, 2024
Pacific Stand. Time (GMT-7)
11:00 AM

Sign up for the Upcomming Voba Vocal Show

Attend from home. It's Free and Voluntary 😉

At the Voba Vocal Show, I'm dedicated to helping individuals like you gain insights into the power of your voice through specialised anatomical vocal training techniques. Whether you're an aspiring singer, or already a professional in the business, this event is tailored for you.

Here's what you can expect:

  • Gain a comprehensive understanding of applied vocal anatomy and how it shapes your voice production, vocal range, resonators    and articulation.

  • Ask your questions and get answers from an Anatomical Vocal Training perspective.

  • Gain access to exclusive resources and materials to improve your vocal training journey beyond the event.

  • Hot Seat: Receive personalized feedback and tips from me to address your unique vocal challenges and goals.

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