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Hoarse? Never Again! - An Anti-Hoarseness Essay

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Never get a hoarse voice, raspy voice, or husky voice ever again! This is a remedy against vocal cord problems.

A person holding their throat in agony.
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Have you experienced a lost voice lately? Or do you sometimes lose your voice, but you're not sick? Maybe "lost my voice" is even something that you have to scribble frequently in notes to friends? Or have you had a hoarse voice for months already and have yet to find a remedy?

In this article I will provide knowledge concerning hoarseness and vocal loss due to vocal “abuse”, not root causes found in genetic dispositions, allergies or toxicity causes.

Here is the main reason for losing your voice:

The main thing that makes you hoarse is vocal cord-vestibular fold friction!

Let me explain what that is: When you produce sound, you produce it with your vocal cords. Your vocal cords are situated in your throat. Above your vocal cords in your throat are the vestibular folds.

A picture with the vocal cords marked red.
The Vocal Cords

A picture with the vestibular folds marked in read, hanging over the vocal cords.
The Vestibular Folds

If those two entities meet and rub against each other, you get a sore voice, hoarse, or even lose your voice. Vocal cord-vestibular fold friction is the main reason for losing your voice when you're not sick. A habit of continued friction when you speak or sing can even lead to the development of diseases like vocal edema.

A picture of an open ventricle, where the vocal cords and vestibular folds are pulled so far apart that they cannot touch.
Create Space between the Vocal Cords and Vestibular Folds

If you often suffer from a raspy throat, vocal cord-vestibular fold friction is very likely the cause.

Now, here is the good news!

You never have to lose your voice, be hoarse, or even get a sore voice ever again in your life if you can learn how to always keep the vocal cords and vestibular folds apart!

No more hoarse voice, raspy voice, husky voice, or gravelly voice! No more writing notes or texting instead of talking. No more cancelling work.

Causes of voice loss can be a trouble of the past for you. Also, no more raspy throat or itching in your throat.

No more vocal cord problems due to the way you use your voice!

Furthermore, applying these tips will also help you prevent developing vocal edema or vocal nodules due to shortcomings in your vocal technique.

An anatomical picture from inside the throat, looking at the vocal cords from above where there are clearly two nodules visible at either vocal cord one.
This is what vocal nodules look like. It is a very long and tedious process to heal them (yes, you don't necessarily need an operation to get rid of vocal nodules). Therefore it's best to prevent before you even get them.

So here is the most powerful lost voice treatment:


Yes, prevention is the lost voice remedy that I have to offer and that I suggest.

If you are hoarse right now, you need to know that your body will heal on its own (given that you have the right amount of nutrients in your body and don't have anything stopping your natural healing process).


The best thing that you can actively do is to get rid of the habits that created the problem!

I've put together three little tips that you can do to prevent your vocal cords and vestibular folds from ever meeting again while speaking or singing.

However long you want to talk, however loud you talk, however long or loud you sing, you will never get hoarse again; you will never have a sore voice again if you apply these three things to your speech and singing consistently!

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